Since its founding in 1920, the ACLU has depended on those exceptional people who are willing to stand up for individual rights, and also to provide the resources to ensure that our work continues.

Over 8,000 members of the ACLU’s DeSilver Legacy Society have provided for a gift through their will, trust, charitable gift annuity, or other gift arrangement.

By making such a gift plan, you stand with us on the front lines to protect our constitutional freedoms.  You become a partner and stakeholder in our current and future work.  You join a chain of commitment that stretches back decades, and which has helped to define the American values of freedom, fairness and equality.

Benefits & Recognition
Simply notify us of your completed gift provision, and you will be recognized with lifetime membership in the DeSilver Legacy Society.  Members receive:

  • Personalized pocket edition of the U.S. Constitution
  • Invitations to insider events & conference calls
  • Dedicated staff liaison
  • Subscription to STAND, the ACLU magazine
  • Specially prepared news updates
  • Recognition in the Legacy Honor Roll (unless anonymity is requested)

The Legacy Society’s Namesake
The Society commemorates the foresight and founding contributions of Albert and Margaret DeSilver.  Albert DeSilver (1888-1924) was an original associate director of the ACLU, and its chief benefactor during the early years.  Educated at Yale University and Columbia Law School, DeSilver was groomed for a place in New York's legal establishment.  Alarmed by the U.S. Government's wholesale violations of free speech and persecution of immigrants during World War I, he resigned from his law practice in 1918 to devote himself full-time to defending conscientious objectors, immigrants, and other citizens against unconstitutional treatment.  After Albert’s death, the further financial support provided by Margaret DeSilver was critical to establishing the organization’s permanence and stability.

Mohammad Zaidi - Director DeSilver Legacy Society

Mohammad Zaidi
Director, DeSilver Legacy Society

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