Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2018

Document Date: June 4, 2018

On June 4, 2018, the ACLU sent a letter to the House and the Senate opposing the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2018, S. 2940/H.R. 5924. The overbroad definition of anti-Semitism in this bill risks incorrectly equating constitutionally protected criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism, making it likely that free speech will be chilled on campuses. The examples incorporated into the bill’s definition of anti-Semitism include actions and statements critical of Israel, including many constitutionally protected statements. As a result, the proposed legislation is likely to chill the speech of students, faculty, and other members campus communities around the country, and is unnecessary to enforce federal prohibitions on harassment in education as such protections already exist under federal law.