CDC Information Gathering & Quarantine Proposals: Links and Resources

Document Date: April 25, 2006

A secret deal has been revealed between the Department of Homeland Security and the Centers for Disease Control to share airline passenger data — a deal that violates agreements that DHS has signed with the E.U. and possibly other foreign governments. This deal raises questions about the government’s apparent inability to respect privacy restrictions, as well as its habitual drive to operate in secrecy.

> Memorandum of Understanding Between CDC and Homeland Security

> Secret DHS Agreement to Share Passenger Data in Violation of Agreements Is Confirmed (4/25/2006)
> ACLU Seeks Info on Secret Data-Sharing Agreement Between Homeland Security and CDC (4/21/2006)

> E.U. Agreement With U.S. on Sharing of Passenger Data: Finding of Adequacy
> ACLU’s Freedom of Information Act to the CDC
> ACLU’s Comments on Proposed CDC Info-collection and Quarantine Regulations

> Federal Computer Week: DHS, HHS Make Secret Pact to Share Airline Passenger Info (4/20/2006)
> USA Today: Plan to Detain Sick Fliers Opposed (4/24/06)
> Associated Press: Airlines Balk at Epidemic Safeguards (4/25/06)

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