Eye on the FBI: Exposing Misconduct and Abuse of Authority

Document Date: March 27, 2012

Consolidating information obtained through ACLU records requests, lawsuits and reports, the ACLU’s “Eye on the FBI” alerts provide regular and detailed analysis of FBI activities that pose a threat to civil liberties.

>Systems collecting “Suspicious Activity Reports” lack privacy safeguards and guidance.
Government documents obtained by the ACLU show that nationwide programs that collect so-called “Suspicious Activity Reports” provide inadequate privacy safeguards and guidance on the definition of “suspicious activity,” leading to violations of Americans’ First Amendment and privacy rights, and to racial and religious profiling. (ACLU alert issued October 30, 2013)

>The San Francisco FBI conducted a years-long Mosque Outreach program that collected and illegally stored intelligence about American Muslims’ First Amendment-protected religious beliefs and practices.
The ACLU has uncovered documents that show the FBI compiled intelligence on American Muslim religious organizations and their leaders’ and congregants’ constitutionally-protected beliefs and activities, without any suspicion of wrongdoing. (ACLU alert issued March 27, 2012)

>The FBI is using the guise of “community outreach” to collect and illegally store intelligence information on Americans’ political and religious beliefs.
The ACLU has uncovered documents that show that the FBI has turned its community outreach programs into a secretive domestic intelligence initiative that systematically, and in some instances illegally, collects and stores information about Americans’ First Amendment-protected activities. (ACLU alert issued December 1, 2011)

> The FBI Is Engaged In Unconstitutional Racial Profiling and Racial “Mapping”
The ACLU has uncovered documents that show that FBI field offices around the country are engaged in unconstitutional and widespread stereotyping. Based on these false stereotypes, the FBI is ascribing criminal propensity to minority communities and collecting demographic data to map where people from these communities live. (ACLU alert issued October 20, 2011)

> The FBI’s Use of Anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim Counterterrorism Training Materials
The ACLU has uncovered numerous FBI counterterrorism training materials that falsely and inappropriately portray Arab and Muslim communities as monolithic, alien, backward, violent and supporters of terrorism. (ACLU alert issued October 20, 2011)

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