Faces of Surveillance - Targets of Illegal Spying

Document Date: February 27, 2006
Affiliate: ACLU of Pennsylvania

> Illegal Pentagon Spying
> Illegal NSA Spying
> Illegal FBI / JTTF Spying

Ordinary, law-abiding Americans are targets of the government’s illegal surveillance. Learn more about the victims and their “crimes.”

Father Roy Bourgeois
Fort Benning, Georgia
Possible FBI/JTTF Target
“Instead of investigating … even one instance of the more than 600 documented cases of human rights abuses by graduates of the school, the U.S. government has continued to divert resources to public relations.”

Nazih Hassan
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Possible NSA Target
“It is every person’s right to speak out, associate with others and worship freely. It would be a shame if all of that became untrue as a result of legitimate fear directed illegitimately.”

John Doe #2
National Security Letter Recipient
“The FBI was searching for information about one of my clients, DELETED. The letter stated that I was not allowed to tell anyone, including my client, that the FBI was seeking information through an NSL.”

Nancy Hollander
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Possible NSA Target
“The government has invaded not only my privacy but the sacred bond I have with my clients to keep their confidences.”

Konstanty Hordynski
Santa Cruz, California
Pentagon Target
“When lawfully standing up for my beliefs—standing up for what I think is right and just—is a ‘threat’ to the government, something is wrong.”

John Doe #1
National Security Letter Recipient
“As the DELETED of the DELETED, it is also my duty and responsibility to speak out about any infringement to the intellectual freedom of libraries of which I have knowledge.”

Caitlin Childs
Atlanta, Georgia
Homeland Security Target
“I refuse to live in fear of what could happen for speaking out and fighting for the things in which I believe. We learn as young children that freedom of speech is a fundamental right guaranteed in America.”

John Amidon
Albany, New York
Pentagon Target
“Maybe, just maybe if the leaders of the ‘Free’ world stopped spying on Quakers and librarians and Veterans For Peace, they might actually engage in the work we are paying them to do.”

Betty Ball
Denver, Colorado
FBI Target
“I am worried about how far the government will go to squelch First Amendment rights and silence dissent. Will we all be rounded up and incarcerated?”

Debbie Clark
Atlanta, Georgia
Pentagon Target
“We … have been acting as vigilant Americans should act in a time when government officials are suspected of high crimes and treason.”

Kirsten Atkins
Crested Butte, Colorado
FBI Target
“The government is gathering information illegally under the guise of protecting us from the threat of terrorism. By doing so, they are trying to intimidate and crush the voices of dissent.”

Peter Ackerman
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Pentagon Target
“The fabric of our Democracy had a big hole in it… War had just been declared against American citizens and anyone else who disagreed with this President.”

George Main
Sacramento, California
Pentagon Target
“I am offended that my government would even consider surveilling a group of honorably discharged veterans. Our patriotism and love of country is as strong today [as] when we carried arms in defense of America.”

Tim Vining
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
FBI Target
“Is handing out flyers now considered a terrorist activity? What will be next?”

Edith Bell
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
FBI Target
“It is important that we get involved and protect everybody’s rights, before new laws make it dangerous to take a stand, as I have seen happen in Nazi Germany.”

Bridget Colvin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
FBI Target
“I assume that many projects and affiliates of the TMC are or have been monitored simply because we’re being vocal about expressing our dissent. We’re exercising our Constitutional rights.”

Wanda Guthrie
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
FBI Target
“Spying invades peoples’ privacy and sacred space when they are speaking out …. For the FBI to monitor us as if we were terrorists is unconscionable.”