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Document Date: April 8, 2003


ACLU Urges Congress not to Rubberstamp FISA Plan (3/4/2008)

Myths and Facts: US Government Surveillance of Americans

FISA Radio Ad Campaign (Sample Ad) (3/4/2008)

ACLU Letter to the Senate Urging No Votes On Any Bill That Would Authorize Warrantless Wiretapping or Grant Immunity to Telecoms (2/4/2008)

ACLU Fact Sheet: Amendments to Senate FISA Bill Regarding Immunity for Telecommunications Companies that Facilitated Warrantless Wiretapping (2/4/2008)

Coalition Letter to Senator Reid Regarding the FISA Amendments Act of 2007 and Telecom Immunity (1/22/2008)

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The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), born after the Watergate scandal, establishes how the government can secretly eavesdrop on Americans in their own country in intelligence investigations. It was originally passed to allow the government to collect foreign intelligence information involving communications with “agents of foreign powers.”

Today, however, the federal government is exploiting this once-narrow exception to make an end-run around the Constitution. The USA Patriot Act, passed by Congress in 2001 and re-authorized in 2006, expanded FISA to allow the government to obtain the personal records of ordinary Americans from libraries and Internet Service Providers, even when they have no connection to terrorism. Recent amendments in the Protect America Act now authorize the government to use FISA to get around the constitutional requirement that it show a judge that it has probable cause of involvement with a foreign country or terror group before it eavesdrops on a communication.

Although the Patriot Act was rushed into law just weeks after 9/11, a congressional investigation into the attacks did not find that FISA’s limits on government surveillance contributed to the government’s failure to prevent the attacks. Instead, the investigation pointed to fundamental organizational breakdowns in the intelligence community and the government’s failure to make effective use of the surveillance powers already at its disposal. Despite overwhelming evidence that FISA did not need to be expanded, Congress moved to broaden the reach of the law and weakened its protection of Americans’ freedom and privacy.

Even as the White House lobbied to expand the scope of FISA, we now know that President Bush disregarded the rule of law when he authorized the National Security Agency to spy on ordinary Americans’ phone calls and e-mails without the warrant FISA requires. Shockingly, Congress voted to temporarily condone this abuse of power in August 2007 with legislation sanctioning this illegal operation. This legislation, which we’ve dubbed the “Police America Act,” is only temporary and will expire in February 2008.

The ACLU is actively opposing the expansion of FISA through legislative advocacy and litigation. We oppose efforts in Congress to further broaden the government’s power to spy on innocent Americans who are not conspiring with foreign powers, and support proposals to increase judicial and congressional oversight of FISA surveillance and restore much-needed checks and balances. We hope that you will join us in that effort.

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> ACLU Condemns Bush Administration for Opposing Disclosure of FISA Court’s Legal Rulings (8/31/2007)
> ACLU Condemns Spy Chief’s Politically Motivated Disclosures About Government Surveillance, Renews Call for Release of Secret Court Orders (8/23/2007)
> ACLU Calls On Congress to Hold Administration in Contempt, Calls Latest Missed Spy Deadline Outrageous (8/20/2007)
> In Unprecedented Order, FISA Court Requires Bush Administration to Respond to ACLU’s Request That Secret Court Orders Be Released to the Public (8/17/2007)
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> ACLU Hears Administration’s Plan for Spying Law, Says Congress Cannot Legislate Without Investigating (6/12/2007)
> ACLU Demands Disclosure of Legal Documents on NSA Wiretapping, Cautions Senate Committee Against Telecom Inoculation for Domestic Spying (5/16/2007)
> ACLU Warns Congress Against Broadening FISA Power (5/1/2007)
> ACLU: Congress Must Reject Administration’s Call for FISA’s ‘Modernization’ (4/13/2007)
> ACLU Letter to the Senate Urging A “No” Vote on Cloture and “Yes” to Stripping Immunity During the Debate (10/12/2007)
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> Section by Section Analysis of S. 2248, Rockefeller / Bush Administration FISA bill (11/2/2007)
> National Poll Finds Voters Oppose Warrantless Wiretaps, Blanket Warrants and Telecom Amnesty (10/16/2007)
> ACLU Letter on Privacy Implications of Protect America Act (10/12/2007)
> Testimony Submitted to the House Judiciary Committee for a Hearing on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (9/5/2007)
> Coalition Sign-On Letter to Democratic Congressional Leaders Outlining Basic Privacy Principles Needed in the Wake of Changes to FISA (9/4/2007)
> How The Protect America Act Will Affect Business (8/29/2007)
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> ACLU Analysis of the Protect America Act (8/29/2007)
> ACLU Fact Sheet on the “Police America Act” (8/7/2007)
> ACLU Letter to Congressional Leadership Strongly Urging Its Resistance to FISA Changes (7/31/2007)

> The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: Myths & Facts (7/31/2007)
> ACLU Teleconference on FISA and the Protect America Act (8/29/2007)

> FISA Must Not Be Gutted Under Pretext of “Modernization” (7/26/2006)
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> After Supreme Court Denies Appeal on Ashcroft Spy Powers, ACLU Urges Oversight (3/24/2003)
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> Sign-on Letter to the Judiciary Committee Urging Rejection to Expanding FISA Surveillance (2/12/2003)
> Petition of Certiorari Filed With Supreme Court (2/18/2003)
> Motion to Intervene in Re: Sealed Case of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review (2/18/2003)

> Secret Appeals Court Allows Expanded Spying on U.S. Citizens (11/18/2002)
> Rights Groups Urge Court to Reject Ashcroft’s Bid to Spy on U.S. Citizens (9/20/2002)
> ACLU Condemns Secret Review of Wiretap Court’s Ruling on Surveillance Powers (9/9/2002)
> Secret Wiretap Court Exposes Ashcroft Plans to Circumvent Constitution (8/23/2002)
> Letter Urging Rejection of the Kyl Amendment to the FISA (10/29/2002)
> Testimony From Senate Hearing on FISA (9/10/2002)
> Transcript of Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on FISA (9/10/2002)
> Right-Left Comes Together Over Privacy, Civil Liberties Post-9/11 (4/10/2002)
> Letter to Senate Urging Opposition to Expansion of Wiretapping (4/9/2002)
> Amicus Brief Submitted to FISA Appeals Court (9/19/2002)
> Appendix to FISA Brief: Chart Comparing Criminal and FISA Surveillance (9/19/2002)
> Motion for Leave to File Amicus Brief (9/19/2002)

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