Illegal Domestic Spying

Document Date: January 10, 2007

The Government Is Spying on Americans
Documents obtained by the ACLU under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that the FBI is using its Joint Terrorism Task Forces to gather extensive information about peaceful organizations. Recently, President Bush acknowledged giving explicit and secret authorization for warrantless electronic eavesdropping and physical searches by the NSA. There is proof that the Pentagon, too, is illegally gathering and sharing private and protected information.

The actions of the president, his administration, and these agencies are part of a broad pattern of disregard for the rule of law in the name of national security. The ACLU is calling for investigations and full disclosure of records to determine if oaths of office were broken or federal laws violated.

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> PBS Documentary: “Spying on the Home Front”
> NYCLU Releases RNC Documents That City Tried to Conceal (3/21/2007)
> ACLU of Maryland Lawsuit Uncovers Maryland State Police Spying Against Peace and Anti-Death Penalty Groups
> Report Shows Widespread Pentagon Surveillance of Peace Activists (1/17/2007)
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> Pentagon
Report Shows Widespread Pentagon Surveillance of Peace Activists
News reports and released documents have revealed the Pentagon is collecting information in a secret database on peace groups and law-abiding Americans who have attended anti-war protests.

ACLU Calls for Repeal of Expanded Patriot Act Powers in Response to DoJ Report
The FBI has issued significantly more NSLs than previously disclosed. The report found serious breaches of department regulations and numerous potential violations of the law.

White House Concedes Wiretapping Oversight to FISA
President Bush acknowledged authorizing the NSA to engage in warrantless electronic spying and physical searches of Americans. The ACLU is leading the challenge to stop this program.

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