MATRIX FOIA Request to the Connecticut Department of Public Safety

Document Date: October 30, 2003

Commissioner Arthur L. Spada
Department of Public Safety
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, CT 06457-9294

Re: Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange (MATRIX)

Dear Commissioner Spada,

We are writing, pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, to inquire whether the Department of Public Safety, on behalf of the State of Connecticut, is planning to participate in the Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange (MATRIX).

If the Department is not participating, we would appreciate written confirmation, or copies of documents indicating the Department’s decision not to participate.

If the Department is participating in the MATRIX program, we are requesting the opportunity to inspect and copy the following public documents held by or received by the Department of Public Safety:

1. Documents including the specifications for the MATRIX program, including, but not limited to documents regarding storage capacities, throughput (e.g. number of identity files processed per hour), types of computers used, and user manuals;

2. Documents indicating what personal data is accessed and/or used by the MATRIX, including documents regarding the types of personal data accessed or used by the MATRIX (including, but not limited to drivers’ records, financial records, medical information, marriage records, divorce records, Internet usage information, phone records, travel records, voting records, biometric data, educational records, information regarding race, ethnicity, immigration records, criminal justice records and/or gun owners’ records), the contents of any personal information databases related to the MATRIX, and the number of individuals whose personal data has been obtained;

3. Documents indicating the source(s) of Matrix data, any agreement and/or contracts to obtain personal data with other government agencies, other states, private companies, and/or the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), or any other agency, entity, or person(s);

4. Documents regarding the retention of any such data, including, but not limited to retained records or results, the record retention policies pertaining to these systems, any documentation of the approval of the retention policies by any state government agencies and/or their contractors;

5. Documents containing any procedures for analyzing the data, including, but not limited to the criteria used by the MATRIX to determine whether someone is a terrorist, including the use of information regarding race, ethnicity, religious background, internet usage, travel patterns, political views, political activities and/or consumer purchasing habits in any way, shape or form;

6. Documents indicating the results of any tests, including, but not limited to any logs or other written descriptions of how any such systems is and/or has been used, the accuracy rates of any such systems while in operation and assessments of the individuals whose data was collected and used;

7. Documents identifying who has access to the MATRIX, including, but not limited to a complete list of all recipients of data from the MATRIX; any procedures for individuals to find out what information the MATRIX has about them, any procedures for individuals to correct information that the MATRIX has about them, and any procedures for individuals to find out what the MATRIX has determined about them;

8. Documents describing any procedures in place to protect the privacy of the individuals whose data was accessed and/or used by the MATRIX, including, but not limited to documents regarding oversight boards, login restrictions, pop-up screens at sign-on, data security measures, encryption, reduced use of certain criteria (e.g. race and/or ethnicity) and/or data checking to ensure accuracy of the information, how any of the personal data accessed and/or used by the MATRIX will be destroyed, and documentation of any policies permitting such destruction;

9. Documents regarding usage of the MATRIX, including, but not limited to the number of times the MATRIX has been used, the cases or circumstances in which the MATRIX has been used (including, but not limited to instances where the MATRIX was used for non-terrorism investigation purposes and/or for non-criminal investigation purposes), the number of requests to use the MATRIX that have been received so far, the entities and/or individuals who have made requests to use the MATRIX, and the number of such requests that have been rejected;

10. Any legal analyses regarding the MATRIX, including, but not limited to documents regarding whether the MATRIX violates international, federal, state and/or local privacy laws, including constitutional protections;

11. Documents including organizational details on the development and use of the MATRIX, including, but not limited to documents regarding sources of technical and/or financial support for the MATRIX, which federal, state and/or local government agencies are involved and/or cooperating in the MATRIX project, what companies, consultants, and or universities are involved and/or cooperating in the MATRIX project, the amount of money spent on developing the MATRIX system so far, the sources for this money, and budgetary outlays for future development and/or maintenance of the MATRIX;

12. Records regarding training of staff and consultants to use the MATRIX, including, but not limited to textbooks, video presentations, contracts and/or agreements to be signed by MATRIX trainees, and the number of people who have been trained to use the MATRIX so far; and

13. Notes and agendas of meetings regarding the MATRIX.

Please be advised that this FOIA request is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by law and is intended to apply to all officers, officials, employees, departments, divisions, bureaus, commissions, councils, and any other private agency, person, partnership, corporation or business entity acting on behalf of, or with the knowledge of, the Department of Public Safety.

If the Department claims that any requested document is exempt from inspection, please state the name and description of the document, and an explanation of the basis for the exemption, including the statutory citation to an exemption created or afforded by statute.

Please note that we are initially requesting to inspect these documents, prior to identifying specific records for copying. If specific documents are later identified for copying, we agree to compensate the Department up to the per page copy fee permitted by law.

Your immediate attention to these matters is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.


Teresa Younger
Executive Director

Philip Tegeler
Legal Director

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