News in the Illegal Domestic Spying Cases

Document Date: January 31, 2006

NYCLU Releases RNC Documents That City Tried to Conceal (3/21/2007)

ACLU Calls for Spy Files Investigation In Response to New Details of Pentagon (11/21/2006)

New Document Reveals Pentagon Surveillance of Rhode Island Peace Group (11/2/2006)

Documents Shed New Light on Pentagon Surveillance of Peace Activists (10/12/2006)

ACLU Urges House to Reject President's Power Grab (9/28/2006)

Booz Allen's Extensive Ties to Government Raise More Questions About SWIFT Program (9/26/2006)

ACLU Decries Senate Republicans' Switch on NSA Spying Bill (9/25/2006)

ACLU Slams House Panels' Approval of Wilson NSA Spying Bill (9/20/2006)

ACLU Slams Senate Judiciary Committee's Approval of NSA Spying Bills (9/13/2006)

ACLU Demands House Reject Attempts to "Update" FISA (9/06/2006)

ACLU Seeks Information on Government Spying on Baltimore Peace Groups (8/30/2006)

Massachusetts ACLU Renews Call for Public Hearings (8/23/2006)

New Report Documents Government Monitoring Lawful Protest (7/27/2006)

Government Abusing State Secrets Claim in NSA Case (7/10/2006)

Lawmakers Confirm NSA Spying Program (6/30/2006)

ACLU Welcomes European Scrutiny Of U.S. Snooping On Financial Data (6/28/2006)

New AT&T Privacy Policy Can't Rewrite Right and Wrong (6/22/2006)

House Judiciary Committee Adopts Request for Illegal NSA Spying Documents (6/21/2006)

ACLU Urges Court to Reject State Secrets Claim in NSA Case (6/21/2006)

ACLU Urges House to Rein In Illegal NSA Spying Program (6/20/2006)

ACLU Sues Pentagon for Documents on Peace Groups (6/14/2006)

Court Hears Arguments on Legality of NSA Spying Program for the First Time (6/12/2006)

ACLU Requests Federal Government Records of Spying on Grassroots Groups In Montana (6/9/2006)

Senate Judiciary Committee To Blindly Consider NSA Legislation (6/8/2006)

ACLU Urges Federal Court to End NSA Spying Program (6/6/2006)

ACLU To FCC: Review of AT&T-BellSouth Merger Must Look At NSA Spying (6/6/2006)

ACLU Files Lawsuit to Protect Privacy Rights of Alaskans (6/5/2006)

ACLU Prepares for Court Hearing in Landmark NSA Wiretapping Challenge (6/1/2006)

ACLU Applauds Chairman Sensenbrenner Hearing on Capitol Hill Search (5/30/2006)

Historic EU Court Decision Annuls US-EU Airline Passenger Data-Sharing (5/30/2006)

ACLU Denounces Supreme Court Ruling in Whistleblower Case (5/30/2006)

Prominent Chicagoans Join Challenge to AT&T Record Sharing with the NSA (5/22/2006)

Verizon Refuses to Deny Participation in Illegal NSA Spying (5/19/2006)

Senators Must Vigorously Question General Hayden (5/18/2006)

Specter's NSA Legislation Pardons President's Illegal Actions (5/16/2006)

ACLU of Southern California and Religious Groups Seek Answers About Government Spying on Mosques (5/15/2006)

ACLU Condemns NSA's Massive Database of Americans' Phone Call Records (5/11/2006)

ACLU Gains Support of Lawmakers in Court Fight Against Illegal Spying (5/11/2006)

FBI Targeted Journalist Covering Free Trade Meetings in Miami (5/04/2006)

Hayden Nomination Raises Serious Civil Liberties Concerns (5/08/2006)

ACLU of New Jersey Goes to Court for Open Government Records (5/04/2006)

FBI Counterterrorism Unit Spies on Peaceful, Faith-Based Protest Group (5/4/2006)

Senate Judiciary Committee Delays Consideration of NSA Spying Bills (4/27/2006)

On Second Anniversary of Release of Abu Ghraib Photos, ACLU Sees Growing ... (4/27/2006)

ACLU Urges Senate Panel to Reject NSA Spying Bills, Says Congress Must Fully ... (4/26/2006)

Secret DHS Agreement to Share Passenger Data in Violation of Agreements Is ... (4/25/2006)

ACLU Seeks Information on Secret Data-Sharing Agreement Between Homeland ... (4/21/2006)

Business, Civil Rights Leaders Support ACLU NSA Wiretapping Suit (4/20/2006)

Attorney General Must Stop Stonewalling Congress on NSA Spying, ACLU Says; ... (4/06/2006)

FBI Spied on Denver Bookstore and Anti-War Protesters, New Documents Reveal (03/28/2006)

NYCLU Asks Court of Appeals to Open Secret Court Ruling on Warrantless NSA Wiretapping Program (03/24/2006)

Senate Judiciary Committee Continues Hearings Into Illegal NSA Spying Program, ACLU Urges Lawmakers to Get Facts Before Acting (03/28/2006)

ACLU Rebukes Department of Justice Continued Stonewalling on Wiretapping Questions, Says Accountability and Transparency Needed (03/24/2006)

ACLU of New Jersey Seeks "Potential Threat Elements" Details (03/21/2006)

ACLU of Washington Seeks Files on Government Surveillance of Peace Groups (3/21/2006)

DeWine Proposal on NSA Spying Would Ratify Illegal Activity, ACLU Says; ... (3/16/2006)

Advocates Urge Accountability for US Abuse of Power and Hurricane Katrina ... (3/16/2006)

Evidence of FBI Spying Based Solely on Groups' Anti-War Views (3/14/2006)

ACLU Asks Federal Court to Block Illegal Spying Program, Citing "Concrete Harm" to Americans (3/9/2006)

Justice Department Continues to Stonewall on NSA Spying Program (3/8/2006)

ACLU Condemns Secret White House Deal on Warrantless NSA Spying Program, Says Proposal Would Legitimize and Condone Illegal Activities (3/8/2006)

ACLU Sues Pentagon for Files on University of California Student Groups (3/7/2006)

Gonzales Responses on Warrantless NSA Spying Program Failed to Address Fundamental Concerns (3/1/2006)

ACLU Welcomes Second Oversight Hearing on NSA Warrantless Eavesdropping (2/28/2006)

Poll Shows Americans Reject NSA Warrantless Surveillance Program (2/24/2006)

ACLU Urges Senate to Demand Information on Illegal NSA Spying Program, As Federal Court Orders Justice Department to Turn Over Documents (2/16/2006)

Justice Department Must Release Documents on NSA Spying Program, Judge Rules (2/16/2006)

ACLU Urges House to Adopt Request for Illegal NSA Spying Documents (2/15/2006)

ACLU Challenges Patriot Act Provision Used to Exclude Prominent Swiss (01/25/2006)

Censorship at the Border (11/10/2005)

In New Ad, ACLU Steps Up Call for Investigation of President's Spying Order (01/05/2006)

ACLU Slams DOJ Investigation of NSA Whistleblower (12/30/2005)

ACLU California Affiliates Seek Information About Government Spying (12/21/05)

ACLU Calls on Gonzales to Appoint Special Counsel on NSA Domestic Spying (12/21/2005)

ACLU Demands Records About Warrantless Spying by National Security Agency (12/20/2005)

ACLU Demands NSA, CIA Records (12/20/05)

New Documents Show FBI Targeting Environmental and Animal Rights Groups (12/20/2005)

Documents Detail Spying on Activist Groups (12/20/05)

President's Spying Order Violates Law (12/15/05)

ACLU Shocked at Bush Use of National Security Agency for Domestic Spying (12/15/2005)

Peaceful Protests in Colorado Targeted (12/8/05)

New Documents Show FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Targeting Peaceful (12/08/2005)

FBI Targets Peaceful Protesters (8/2/05)

Michigan Affirmative Action and Peace Groups 'Terrorists' (8/29/05)

FBI Is Keeping Documents on ACLU (7/18/05)

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