Guardians of Liberty

Guardians of Liberty members make modest monthly donations to provide the ACLU with consistent support that allows us to defend freedom at every turn.

Reliable, consistent monthly support allows us to take on new projects, with the knowledge that we will have the funding to see them through, and also allows us to respond to urgent needs whenever our rights are threatened.

As a Guardian of Liberty, your monthly contributions will be put to immediate use, making sure that no challenge to any of our rights goes unanswered. An automatic monthly pledge — made in small, affordable installments — is one of the most efficient ways that you can support the ACLU. That means more of your donation will go directly toward critically important work.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Guardians of Liberty Program

Where does my money go?
Your contributions go to support our critical programs in many areas. From litigation, to education, to lobbying efforts, your monthly support gives us a reliable base to help us respond immediately when new threats to our civil liberties arise.

When will I be charged?
Your credit card will be billed on the 15th of each month, or the first business day after if the 15th is a Saturday or Sunday.

Can I change my donation?
Yes, you can change your monthly giving amount at any time by calling (212) 549-2543 or sending an email to

Can I cancel?
Yes. At any time by calling (212) 549-2543 or sending an email to

What about automatic payments from my checking account?
You can set up an automatic payment from your checking account, just call (212) 549-2543 or send an email to for details.

Will I still need to renew my membership?
No. Your monthly pledge will automatically renew your ACLU membership, so you won't have to worry about renewing as long as your pledge is active.

Become a Guardian of Liberty today!

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