They Think We're Stupid

They Think We're Stupid: We don't need politicians to make our health care decisions.

There are extremist politicians across the country who think we are stupid.

Throughout the country, these politicians are proposing (and in some cases passing) extreme measures that would rob women of the services they need to make personal decisions about pregnancy free from political interference. 

These politicians MUST think we are stupid if they think we want politicians playing doctor and interfering in our private decisions. Enough is enough. Now is the time for all of us to tell our elected officials to leave these decisions with a woman, her doctor and her family.

Stand with us and tell those who seek to undermine our private and personal decisions that you are NOT stupid.

For a detailed look at abortion restrictions passed in 2013 see Major Restrictions on Abortion Access Enacted 2013.


Stealth Attack: What You Need to Know About the New Abortion Laws

The ACLU has enlisted the help of comic artist Jen Sorensen to help illustrate (literally) the coordinated, national efforts that anti-abortion groups are waging across the country to outlaw women's health clinics and block access to abortion care. Jen uses sharp wit and humor to reveal the tactics our opponents are using to undermine our private and personal decisions.
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Outrageous Quotes from the War on Women 2013

We didn't think it was possible to top the "legitimate rape" comment made by then-Representative Todd Akin during the 2012 elections. In fact, 2013 proved to be another banner year for outrageous comments from extreme anti-choice politicians and their supporters. Here are some of our favorites.
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The Strategy (and Truth) Behind the War on Women 2013

While banning all abortions is not (yet) politically viable— the opposition has a strategy: Pass laws that make it harder and harder for women's health clinics to stay open and make it more difficult for women to obtain the care they need no matter what their circumstances. If they succeed, they could end legal abortion without having to overturn Roe v. Wade.
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Take Action

States across the country are in competition with each other to pass the most extreme abortion bans and the cruelest attacks on women's health care. Let politicians know where you stand by signing the pledge.
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Planned Parenthood v. Abbott

The American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Center for Reproductive Rights and Texas law firm George Brothers Kincaid & Horton have filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of their clients (over a dozen women's health care providers) to block harmful and unconstitutional provisions of a recently enacted Texas law that would force a third of the health centers that currently offer abortion care to stop providing abortions altogether.
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States Where They Think We’re Stupid

During the 2012 state legislative sessions more than 300 abortion restrictions were introduced by lawmakers across the country– including some of the most extreme we’ve seen in years. This map shows the states that saw major threats to, and new laws, restricting abortion access.
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The ACLU Stands with Texas Women

The ACLU Stands With Texas Women Texas Governor Rick Perry has called a second special session that starts today (July 1, 2013), and a bill that threatens to shut down most abortion clinics in the state is on the agenda. Today, thousands of people are rallying at the Capitol in Austin to stand up for women everywhere. ACLU staff members in offices across the country stand with them in spirit.
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In the States: Legislative Attacks on Abortion

Read the most recent blog posts on extreme laws that would rob women of the services they need to make personal decisions about pregnancy free from political interference.
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Challenges to the Federal Contraceptive Coverage Rule

Nearly 60 lawsuits have been filed across the country challenging the federal rule that employers include contraception in the insurance they provide employees. One of these many cases is likely headed to the Supreme Court. The cases now being heard pose the fundamental question: "Does the right to religious freedom include the right of a business or institution to impose its views on a diverse workforce?" We don’t think so.
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ACLU Reproductive Freedom Cases

Learn more about the ACLU’s litigation challenging extreme abortion restrictions.
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