Help Prevent Unintended Pregnancy from Rape and Contraceptive Failure

Timing is everything, especially for women who are victims of rape or experience contraceptive failure and want to avoid pregnancy.  Emergency contraception, often referred to as the ""morning-after pill,"" has the potential to reduce the chance of pregnancy by as much as 89 percent if taken within days of unprotected intercourse.

But, ignoring the advice of medical experts, major medical groups, and even its own staff, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has failed repeatedly to make emergency contraception available to women without a prescription.  We need to urge the FDA to stop its opposition and instead to support common-sense access to emergency contraception.

Take Action!  Urge the FDA to make emergency contraception available over the counter!

Action Alerts: Star Bullet  The government should not put up roadblocks to making emergency contraception more widely available. Today, emergency contraception is generally available only by prescription.  Requiring women to first get a prescription and then go to a pharmacy before they can obtain emergency contraception unnecessarily delays care, reducing the effectiveness of emergency contraception, and in some instances makes access impossible. The government should do what it can to increase access and help women prevent unintended pregnancy. 

Action Alerts: Star Bullet  Politics should not trump women's health.  In January of 2005, ignoring the advice of medical experts, the FDA delayed its decision on whether to allow emergency contraception to be sold without a prescription to women 16 and older.  Women's health should not be sacrificed in the name of politics. 

Action Alerts: Star Bullet  Major medical groups support making emergency contraception available without a prescription.  Because emergency contraception has been proven safe and effective, major medical groups, including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Medical Association and the American Public Health Association, support making emergency contraception available without a prescription.

Click here to contact the FDA and urge it to support common-sense emergency contraception access.