In a country devastated by the deaths and injuries of hundreds of people, many of them unarmed, at the hands of police officers, drastic changes are needed in our approach to public safety. Such excessive force by police is particularly disturbing given its disproportionate impact on people of color. CLRP envisions and fights for a country where law enforcement treats all communities with dignity, employs restraint on police power, and uses only the degree of force necessary to maintain the community’s safety.

In our work with police departments and the communities they serve, we seek to have greater collaboration with and inclusion of community stakeholders; to improve training, policies, and practices to reduce the use of force; and to encourage stronger mechanisms for transparency and accountability, such as independent civilian review boards with disciplinary authority. Our vision: a nation where no community has to fear the police and where arrest and use of force by law enforcement are last resorts, not first options.

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