Defend Net Neutrality Now

We still have time to convince Congress to reverse the FCC's decision.

After the Federal Communications Commission ruled to dismantle net neutrality, a groundswell of action made it clear that the people favor these hard-earned protections that keep the internet fair, free, and open. Now, the Senate will vote on whether to reverse the FCC's ruling through the Congressional Review Act. Already 50 senators have come out in favor of net neutrality – just one vote short of the majority needed reverse the FCC's decision.

There's a reason why we fought so hard for net neutrality in the first place: to protect free speech. Telecommunication companies must not be allowed to dictate how we choose to use the internet – to get information, stream video, make purchases, or organize and take action.

We know it's a long road ahead. Reversing the FCC's decision will still need to pass the House and be signed by the president. But we've already proven, with health care and many other battles, that if our collective voice is loud enough, we can stop harmful policies in their tracks – even under the Trump administration. Regardless of where your senators currently stand or whether you've contacted them before, Congress must know that we need net neutrality to preserve free speech on the internet.

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