Call Your Senator: Haspel supervised the torture program, and her record must be declassified before the Senate votes

Before Gina Haspel becomes the next CIA director, we need to see her full record on torture and destruction of evidence.

President Trump’s pick for CIA director oversaw state-sponsored torture – and she destroyed the evidence.

Gina Haspel is best known for running a “black site” torture prison in Thailand during the George W. Bush administration, which was the first to test some of the CIA’s most brutal and criminal tactics – including waterboarding, beatings, starvation, and locking men for hours in coffin-like confinement boxes. These torture methods became a template for a program applied to scores of detainees held in a network of secret CIA prisons.

And while her job title may be listed in a study about the torture program released by the Senate in 2014 and in documents released in the ACLU’s torture survivor clients’ litigation, her name and important aspects of her wrongdoing are still blacked out, with many documents locked away entirely. The facts we already know are horrific, but we don’t have the full picture – or even close to it.

We take torture seriously. The Senate – and the American people – must have Haspel’s full record on torture and destruction of evidence before the vote to determine whether she’ll be our next CIA director.

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