Call Congress: Cut DHS’s Massive Budget

We refuse to allow our taxpayer dollars to fund Homeland Security’s heartless policies: Democrats and Republicans must work together to pass a funding bill that holds DHS accountable – and that means no money for the border wall.

Update 1/8/19: In a nationwide address, Trump spread lies about immigrants and border security in order to gain support for his needless wall. We can push our senators to keep fighting, and to refuse to send even more of our taxpayer money to DHS.

The Department of Homeland Security is the Trump administration's key tool for terrorizing immigrants. DHS is responsible for inflicting heinous abuses on children in its custody – long before they started tear gassing them and ripping them away from their families and detaining them as part of the vile family separation policy. The department has also unleashed ICE and CBP to lawlessly antagonize immigrant communities throughout this country in our homes, workplaces, and daily commutes. DHS must be held accountable – but instead, Trump wants to the agency an unprecedented budget increase, including $5 billion for a needless border wall.

We call on our senators to refuse to bend to Trump’s border wall obsession. No wall. No beds. No more agents. No family jails. We won't allow our taxpayer dollars to fund DHS's abuse of immigrants.

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