No More Money for ICE

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is exploiting the budget process to get even more money to carry out Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.

Update (8/27/2019): Congress has released a document outlining Homeland Security’s plans to transfer nearly $285 million in funds meant for FEMA, U.S. Coast Guard, TSA, and other critical priorities. Much of the funds will go toward detention and deportations of immigrants.

Trump’s turbo-charged immigration enforcement and border militarization have a larger budget than ever before – but now, ICE wants to redirect even more of our taxpayer dollars for more detention, more enforcement, and more harassment of immigrant communities.

This isn’t new: Homeland Security and its sub-agencies, ICE and CBP, have repeatedly exploited the budget process to sharply increase their funds. Congress should not reward them for continuing to spread fear, hate, and abuse in our communities – all while disregarding congressional authority.

Congressional appropriators are reviewing ICE’s plan to hike its budget on Monday, August 26. Call Congress now and tell them enough is enough: No more money for ICE.

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