This Land Is Our Land: Highlights From a Year of Tough Fights [Infographic]

Here are some examples of the ACLU's work around the country since Donald Trump's election.

This Land Is Our Land
Highlights From a Year of Tough Fights

ACLU of Wisconsin sued the state for its denial of health care coverage for transgender state employees.

ACLU of Georgia successfully challenged the purging of over 160,000 voters from the voter rolls.

North Carolina
ACLU of North Carolina successfully sued to stop a local county commission from opening public meetings with proselytizing prayers.

ACLU of Texas sued the state over SB4, an unconstitutional, anti-immigrant law that promotes racial profiling and turns local police officers into immigration agents.

ACLU of Tennessee led a broad coalition to defeat a bill that would have banned transgender students from using public school facilities that correspond with their gender identity.

ACLU of Arizona successfully pushed for changes to the Phoenix Police Department’s immigration enforcement policy, including prohibiting officers from asking victims and witnesses of crimes about their immigration status.

ACLU of Iowa sued to block new state requirements designed to prevent women from obtaining an abortion—a 72-hour mandatory waiting period and a medically unnecessary second clinic visit.

ACLU of Ohio filed a lawsuit challenging the Columbus police’s use of pepper spray against peaceful demonstrators who were protesting the Muslim ban.

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