Know Your Voting Rights: State-by-State Voter Information 2012

Let Me Vote
K N O W  Y O U R  V O T I N G  R I G HT S

Every vote counts. Your right to vote
is one of the most basic rights you have as
an American. Many states’ rules have
changed so make sure you know what you
need to vote in your state this year.


Check your voter registration status.
Select your state at »

Locate your polling place and note the hours of operation.
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Consider voting early or absentee. If you plan to vote on Election Day, go early to avoid the rush.
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Check to see if you need ID to vote.
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For more information, click on your state
or call 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683)

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Click on your state on the map for information about voting in your state.

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