Tweet about Michigan standing in the way of young immigrants and their dreams of school, work, and community service.
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Michigan’s governor calls himself “the most pro-immigration governor in the United States.” If that’s the case, why is Michigan standing in the way of young immigrants and their dreams of school, work and community service?

In June, President Obama signed an order that allows eligible immigrant youth, also known as DREAMers, who came to the United States as children to get work permits and social security numbers. Even though the federal government has said these talented youth can stay and work in the United States lawfully, Michigan politicians have decided to throw up major obstacles for these ambitious young people by refusing to let them get driver’s licenses.

So how are they supposed to get to work, or go to school? How do they help their mom go to the grocery store or take their sister to daycare? Maybe Michigan’s leaders want to give these folks a ride.

Using this Tweet generator, send politicians who refuse to issue young immigrants driver’s licenses your questions about how these young folks are supposed to get around to achieve their goals. Since DREAMers can’t drive, maybe Michigan politicians can “GimmeaRide.”

Here's how:
This nifty Tweet generator will automatically create a tweet and insert your question targeting key Michigan politicians, making it ready for you to review and to send instantly.

Instantly contact:

  • Ruth Johnson, Secretary of State (@MichSOS)
  • Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan (@onetoughnerd)

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