Let People Vote: Removing Restrictions and Barriers to Voting in America

Let People Vote
Voter turnout in the 2012 election was the most racially diverse in American history. And in response to this historic moment, lawmakers nationwide have erected more barriers to the ballot box. States are making it harder and harder for people to vote, virtually guaranteeing that many people won’t really have the right at all. Poll taxes and literacy tests have given way to more modern voter suppression tactics packaged as voter ID laws, restrictions to voter registration and cuts to early voting. With these new laws in effect, up to 5 million voters could be turned away at the polls in November. We cannot afford to have laws that push people out of the electorate. In order for this to be a true democracy, every eligible American must be able to vote. Read more »

Let People Vote (Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg)

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Voter Suppression Measures Passed Since 2011

US mapVoting is a fundamental right, not a privilege. But right now across America, the right to cast a ballot is under attack. For the past century, voting rights advocates have fought, sometimes risking their lives, for each expansion of the franchise. View the map 

Challenges to Voter Suppression Laws

Blog of RightsVoting rights are under attack in this country as politicians across the country pass voter restriction laws. These restrictions to voting take many forms and make it harder for eligible voters to exercise their most fundamental constitutional right. Read more »

The Facts about Voter Suppression

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