FBI/JTTF Documents Released - 10/25/2006

October 25, 2006

Peace Action Maine is the state's largest peace organization, and it has worked for over 20 years to promote peace and disarmament through grassroots organizing, citizen education, and issue advocacy. As one of the leading Maine organizations opposed to the war in Iraq, Peace Action Maine has organized ten rallies and marches in Maine since that war began in 2003. Peace Action Maine has participated in a number of other rallies, marches, and vigils throughout the State. As the Maine state affiliate of the national organization Peace Action, Peace Action Maine has mobilized volunteer participants for events in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Peace Action Maine is a coalition partner of Win Without War. In addition to anti-war work, Peace Action Maine is a leader in the struggle for nuclear disarmament. In response to organizing and advocacy work by Peace Action Maine, 41 towns and cities across Maine have passed resolutions, either through town meetings or city councils, calling for the total abolition of nuclear weapons. Peace Action Maine's anti-nuclear weapons work has likely come under federal monitoring by the FBI and possibly the Joint Terrorism Task Forces of the FBI. Peace Action Maine is a non-profit organization.
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Veterans for Peace-Maine Chapter is an organization of veterans who, after serving in our nation's military, have committed themselves to the cause of world peace. Veterans for Peace was founded in Maine in 1985, and the organization now has over 5,000 members in 150 chapters across the country. Veterans for Peace-Maine Chapter has helped organize rallies and marches in Augusta in opposition to the war in Iraq, and its leaders have been featured speakers at those events, including the "March For Truth 2003" in Augusta. The anti-war activity of Veterans for Peace-Maine Chapter are likely to have been brought to the attention of the FBI and possibly also to the attention of the Joint Terrorism Task Forces of the FBI.
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Timothy Sullivan is a coordinator of the Maine Coalition for Peace and Justice. He is one of the primary organizers of the March for Truth, held in Augusta in March 2004 to show opposition to the war in Iraq and to support better pay and benefits for members of the armed services and their families. Mr. Sullivan is lead plaintiff in the challenge to the City of Augusta's parade and demonstration permit requirements, currently before the U.S. District Court : Sullivan et al. v. City of Augusta, Civil Action No. 04-32-B-W. Mr. Sullivan's promotion of peace issues and his organizing large protests against military activity has likely brought him under the surveillance of the FBI and the Maine Joint Terrorism Task Force.
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John "Jack" Bussell is a board member of Veterans For Peace-Maine Chapter. Mr. Bussell served in the United States Army from 1959-1979. Mr. Bussell served as Assistant Executive Director to the Children of War rescue project from 1995-98. He is active in the Plowshares Support Group, which provides support for a group of nuns currently serving Federal prison sentences for protesting at the Bath Iron Works. In August 2003, Mr. Bussell was a speaker at a protest of the launch of an Aegis-class Destroyer at the Bath Iron Works on Nagasaki Remembrance Day. This event was likely the subject of surveillance by the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI.
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