Wasted Opportunities: The Cost of Detention Operations at Guantánamo Bay [Infographic]

The ACLU has repeatedly stated that the prison at Guantánamo Bay is an affront to American values and the rule of law. But only recently have we learned – thanks to a report by Defense Secretary Hagel – that detention at Guantánamo breaks the budget as much as it is wrong. In fact, maintaining the prison at Guantánamo has cost the American taxpayer $4.8 billion since it opened in 2002, and an average of $493 million every year for the last five years. This unnecessary and wasteful spending comes at a time when budgets are shrinking and even the most vital programs for veterans, service members, and their families are subject to painful cuts.

The injustice of Guantánamo is costing us a fortune. Here's how that money could be better spent.

Wasted Opportunities: The Cost of Detention Operations at Guantánamo BayACLU ACLU: Close Guantánamo

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