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Actress Olivia Wilde Talks About Doing the "Rights Thing" for the ACLU

Jason Howe,
ACLU of Southern California
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March 9, 2012

Olivia Wilde gets it. If you read just about any article profiling the rising star, you’ll find mention of her teal-green eyes, her throaty voice and a comparison to screen idols of the golden age of Hollywood. You’ll also find another adjective: “activist.” The star of Cowboys and Aliens, Tron: Legacy and TV’s House is vocal about her commitment to a number of causes — most notably, she serves on the board of the ACLU of Southern California. And in honor of the ACLU/SC’s recent Bill of Rights Dinner, she taped a short video, “Do the Rights Thing.” It’s a quick summary of what we do and how we do it — and why Olivia is honored to be involved with us.


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