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On the Agenda: March 3-7

Meghan Groob,
Media Strategist,
ACLU Washington Legislative Office
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March 3, 2014

So have you finished House of Cards yet? If you’re like most of us here in the Washington Legislative Office, you probably binge watched the whole season in one weekend. But we understand that some of you may have lives and may have needed a couple weeks to get through all 13 episodes.

Now that it’s safe to assume that everyone who will watch the show already has, we want to clear the air on something: all lobbyists are not like Remy Danton. Everyone on our team just wants to make our country a better place for all of us, and we certainly don’t engage in any of the—ahem—shady methods Mr. Danton uses to get his way.

Don’t believe us? Check out all of the good we’re working on this week:

Monday, March 3rd

Sentencing Guidelines
The United States Sentencing Commission will have a meeting with advocacy organizations to answer questions about its proposed amendment to lower, by two levels, the base offense levels in the Drug Quantity Table of the Sentencing Guidelines. The ACLU will be submitting comments on the proposed amendment to the Commission on March 18th.

Tuesday, March 4th

First Amendment
Legislative Counsel/Policy Advisor Gabe Rottman will be speaking on a panel at the Cato Institute on the recent IRS regulations that threaten non-profit free speech.

President’s Budget
The President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2015 is expected to be released.

School-to-Prison Pipeline
The House Education and the Workforce Committee will hold a hearing titled “Raising the Bar: The Role of Charter Schools in K-12 Education.”

Wednesday, March 5th

Employment Discrimination
Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) and Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) are expected to introduce the Fair Employment Protection Act, a legislative fix to the Vance Supreme Court decision.

Thursday, March 6th

Criminal Justice
The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold a mark-up of the Recidivism Reduction and Public Safety Act of 2014, co-sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Sen. Sheldon Whithouse (D-RI.).

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