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Bloggers Against Big Brother

Donna Lieberman,
New York Civil Liberties Union
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March 28, 2007

The blogosphere lit up early this week in reaction to the New York Times article about the NYPD’s unlawful surveillance of peace groups during the Republican National Convention. The Times neatly summarizes a few, and here a few more:

Our friends at the Working Assets blog Working for Change wrote on the impact of the progressive community.

Freelancer Lindsay Beyerstein has a first-hand account of the NYPD’s treatment of protestors when she participated in a Billionaires for Bush stunt.

The Albany Project addresses the New York Post‘s comparison of peaceful protestors to Al-Qaeda.

Carpetbagger on the NYPD’s reasons for sealing documents.

It’s hard to imagine how spying on groups like Bands Against Bush could be justified by the suspicion of criminal activity. We’ve got a real problem when the police department is spying on people for organizing a concert against the Bush administration.