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Ozomatli Joins Marc Cohn for ACLU Gala

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May 12, 2008

Ozomatli, the multiethnic, L.A.-based band known for its diverse sound as well as its outspoken political convictions will be performing at the ACLU 2008 Membership Conference, in Washington, D.C. on June 9.

The Grammy-award-winning group blends a variety of musical sounds including Latin, hip-hop, salsa, jazz, funk, rock and reggaeton, to deliver their intensely personal (and intensely political) message to audiences around the world.Their latest album, Don’t Mess with the Dragon, highlights the band’s passion, and occasionally anger, over some of the current administrations’ most egregious missteps. The track ‘Temperatura’ was inspired by the 2006 pro-immigration marches (‘We wanted people to take it to the streets and turn up the heat,’ says band member Wil-Dog) and ‘Magnolia Soul’ chastises the Bush administration for their failures around Katrina.Ozomatli will be performing, along with fellow Grammy winner Marc Cohn, Monday night of the conference during the ACLU’s gala event, ‘Celebrating Liberty: A Tribute to Champions of Freedom.’ Ozomatli’s enthusiasm for social justice coupled with their upbeat, international sound is guaranteed to have conference goers out of their seats and rocking to the beats.To register for the conference and to learn more about the conference agenda, confirmed speakers, plenaries and workshops visit:

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