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What Would You #AskObama?

Rekha Arulanantham,
Litigation Fellow,
ACLU National Prison Project
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January 24, 2012

This week we’ll be at President Obama’s third State of the Union address. Well sort of. We’ll be there virtually by participating in the event through Twitter. For the rest of the week, we are dedicating our @ACLULive Twitter handle to the speech and plan on asking the president and his staff about the state of civil liberties.

Starting at 9 p.m. tonight, we’ll be watching the hashtag #SOTU as we watch President Obama deliver his address, while simultaneously checking out graphics, data and stats on the White House webpage that will correspond with his speech.

Though the speech itself only lasts an hour, President Obama and his staff have ample time to answer a number of civil liberties questions during “office hours:” designated time slots on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday devoted to responding to concerned citizens’ inquiries on topics such as LGBT issues, women’s rights and health. (To find out what topics will be covered, you can check out the schedule by clicking here and scrolling down.)

We’ll be asking our own questions, retweeting yours, and throwing in our opinion on responses when necessary. We hope to see you online, watching and participating with us!

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