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Bob Barr: "Immigration Belongs at the Federal Level"

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August 1, 2007

To say Bob Barr is a controversial figure is an understatement. When he represented Georgia in the House from 1995 to 2003, he was a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage rights, was an adamant supporter of the War on Drugs and led the charge to impeach President Clinton.

Well, times have changed since Barr left office. In 2002, he consulted with the ACLU on data privacy issues, and now he’s lobbying for the Marijuana Policy Project. And we learned today that he’s on our side when it comes to the Hazleton decision:

Local governments in Georgia and other states would be well-served to review Munley’s extensively researched, 206-page order. While likely to be appealed, the judge’s decision is supported by other rulings in diverse parts of the country. It should serve as a cautionary light to local politicians anointing themselves federal government surrogate enforcers.

You can read the full editorial in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. He makes some great points about how this decision should make lawmakers in Cherokee County, Ga. rethink their own discriminatory ordinance against immigrants.