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Hazleton Win Reflects True American Values

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July 27, 2007

We’re elated about yesterday’s big victory over Hazleton’s Illegal Immigration Relief Act, but we know our work is far from over. Executive Director Anthony Romero reflects on the ruling in today’s Huffington Post:

What the hatemongers who want to roll back the American dream don’t seem to grasp is that this is a fight for our heritage. It’s a fight for those who seek to work hard and make a living as have all the waves of immigrants who came before them. And it’s a fight for simple justice regardless of accent or skin color.

While we hope this decision will make other local politicans think twice about adopting these discriminatory laws that clearly won’t stand up in court, there are still more than 100 towns across the country that have proposed or passed similar ordinances. Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta claims he’ll take this to the Supreme Court if he has to. Mayor Barletta: we’re ready for this fight.

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