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Lost in Immigration Detention

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October 18, 2011

Last year the Department of Homeland Security detained and deported more than 400,000 immigrants — the highest number to date.

Today, PBS Frontline takes a penetrating look at the Obama administration’s vastly expanded immigration net, going deep inside the hidden world of immigration detention in “Lost in Detention.”

ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero talks with PBS Frontline correspondent Maria Hinojosa, illustrating the widespread abuses committed inside an immense lock-up system that subjects scores of individuals to unnecessary imprisonment every year.

Click to watch a trailer of “Lost in Detention” >>

Click to watch a trailer of “Lost in Detention” >>

The ACLU Blog of Rights will kick off a special blog series Wednesday, October 19, that will run through the rest of the month and examine the consequences of locking up tens of thousands of immigrant detainees every day.

“Lost in Detention” airs TONIGHT at 9 P.M. EDT on PBS.

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