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Celebrating Pride in Ohio

Nick Wunder,
LGBT Project
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July 17, 2008

The ACLU’s nationwide network of affiliates allows us to advocate on behalf of LGBT people in all 50 states. Together we work for fairness and equality at the local, state and federal levels, effecting change in the courts and legislatures, and bringing the LGBT community together with other social change movements to achieve a just society for all.

The ACLU of Ohio celebrated LGBT Pride in Cleveland (first photo) on June 21, 2008. The ACLU of Ohio collected hundreds ofsigned postcards supporting the Equal Housing and Employment Act (EHEA), which will be sent to legislators in the Ohio General Assembly. The EHEA would bar discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in housing or employment.


The ACLU of Ohio also participated in Cincinnati Pride on June 15, 2008 (below). Over 100 people signed up to join the ACLU of Ohio’semail list and 11 people became ACLU members.


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