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Freedom Alert: We Could Lose Marriage

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September 24, 2008

If Matt Coles, the director of the ACLU LGBT Project, is worried about losing marriage in California – we should all be worried:

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Voters will decide in November on a state constitutional amendment that would take away the right of same-sex couples to marry there. It is too close for comfort, and too many are complacent thinking it can’t happen. Forty percent are firmly in favor of letting gay couples keep the right to marry. Forty percent are firmly opposed. The opposition plans to spend $20 million to reach the 20 percent of voters who are undecided. Whoever is able to shape the message for these undecided voters will win. An expensive TV ad campaign is the only way the winning message will be heard. So far, the forces who want to take marriage away from gay couples are vastly outspending those fighting to keep it legal.

Watch Matt Coles deliver this important “Freedom Alert.” Please forward it widely, because what happens in California will set the tone for the rest of the nation. And be sure to visit and for more information about what you can do to preserve marriage for gay couples in California.

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