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Jen and Angelique Got Married!

James Esseks,
Director, LGBTQ & HIV Project,
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August 28, 2013

Two amazing updates on this case. First, Jen and Angelique are married! Last Friday, the Santa Fe County Clerk issued them a marriage license and they got married in a cancer center while Jen was on a break from a chemotherapy infusion. There’s just no way to overstate the importance of that moment to them, they were overwhelmed.

Second, on Monday we got a broader order from the judge in their case, one that instructs the clerks of the two most populous New Mexico counties to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. So we’ve won the freedom to marry in big swaths of New Mexico and we’re waiting to see whether the ruling gets appealed. We’re also working on how we can ensure that the ruling clearly applies state-wide.

The progress on marriage, both in New Mexico and nationally, is simply incredible.

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