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The Media Hearts Edie!

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April 19, 2011

We just love Edie Windsor, the lead plaintiff in our case challenging the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). And it looks like the media agrees!

You’ll recall in February, President Obama and the Department of Justice decided that they would not defend DOMA in court . They believe it’s unconstitutional. They’re right.

By declining to defend DOMA, the ball bounced into Congress’s court, and House Speaker John Boehner stepped up to defend the law. On Monday, the House of Representatives filed a brief to intervene in the lawsuit .

Edie, a dynamic, stylish 81-year-old, went on a media blitz. NPR featured our video on their website , accompanied by an interview that featured the LBGT Project’s James Esseks (one of Edie’s lawyers).

Today, ABC News featured Edie on their website ! CNBC also quoted Edie in their piece.

The media also found this tidbit particularly interesting: Rep. Boehner has agreed to pay former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement $500,000 to defend DOMA in court . And that’s paid by you, the American taxpayer.

Thanks a lot, Rep. Boehner. Thanks for blowing a lot of cash for defending an indefensible, unconstitutional law. We’ll see you in court!

Make your voice heard: tell your member of Congress to support the Respect for Marriage, which would completely repeal DOMA.

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