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Seven Reasons to Vote Approve on R-71: Reason #5

Anna Mumford,
LGBT Project
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October 31, 2009

On November 3, Washington voters will have the chance to approve or reject R-71, a measure that will allow same-sex couples and unmarried opposite-sex seniors to access many of the rights and protections granted to married couples. We’re counting down to Election Day with a series of seven videos, each a powerful illustration of why it’s so important to approve R-71.

Reason #5: Firefighters Penny and Karen and their son Calder

Penny and Karen live in West Seattle with their son Calder. Both Penny and Karen are firefighters and, having seen colleagues seriously injured on the job, they know how dangerous their work can sometimes be. Knowing they have domestic partnership protections helps ease the fear, guaranteeing that if one of them were to be injured on the job, the other partner would have hospital visitation rights and would receive support from the fire department.

Watch this clip on YouTube!

Vote APPROVE on 71 so Penny and Karen will know they are protected while they’re protecting their community.

You can watch all seven videos and support the campaign here.

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