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Seven Reasons to Vote Approve on R-71: Reason #7

Anna Mumford,
LGBT Project
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November 2, 2009

On November 3, Washington voters will have the chance to approve or reject R-71, a measure that will allow same-sex couples and unmarried opposite-sex seniors to access many of the rights and protections granted to married couples. We’re counting down to Election Day with a series of seven videos, each a powerful illustration of why it’s so important to approve R-71.

Reason #7: Spokane domestic partners Marge and Diane

Diane and Marge live in Spokane, Washington in a home with two dogs and a lovely garden. They have been together for thirty years and raised two children together. When their son was five, he fell off his bike and injured his hand. Marge rushed him to the hospital, but because he was Diane’s biological son and they lacked legal recognition of their partnership, the doctors refused to treat him until Diane could get off work.

Vote APPROVE on 71 to ensure that Marge and Diane can both be parents to their kids.

You can watch all seven videos and support the campaign here.

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