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ACLU Studio: Porter Goss, Beer Nuts and Waterboarding

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September 27, 2011

Apparently, former CIA Director Porter Goss’ favorite party trick is to use beer nuts to show how waterboarding is really no big deal. You’ll learn this and other fun facts in our inaugural ACLU Studio Podcast.

ACLU Studio is for those who can’t get enough of the ACLU. Hosted by ACLU staff, the series will feature compelling interviews with writers, filmmakers, musicians and artists whose work is inspired by civil liberties issues.

In our first episode, ACLU National Security Project Litigation Director, Ben Wizner talks with award winning journalist Michelle Shephard about her new book, Decade of Fear: Reporting from Terrorisms Grey Zone.

According to Shephard, former CIA Director Goss made light of the 183 times CIA interrogators wateboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, saying these incidents of torture were as insignificant as the beer nuts in his hand. Tune in to ACLU Studio for more savory tidbits from Michelle’s remarkable decade covering the so-called “war on terror.” Listen now:

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Next up: an interview with former FBI interrogator Ali Soufan about his new book, The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War against al-Qaeda.

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