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Airport Insecurity

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July 29, 2008

Mood lighting. Soft music. Relax and kick off your shoes—someone is about to peek beneath your clothes. No, you aren’t at the honeymoon suite yet—you’re still stuck at the airport security checkpoint.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is adopting some “calming” techniques to make you relaxed for their ever-increasing security procedures. My latest Civil Discourse comic goes through some of features at the Indianapolis Airport that were designed with the help of psychologists to create peaceful acquiescence in passengers.

Besides making security checks a relaxing vacation destination of their own, they seek to normalize full-body scanners that make sure that really isn’t a bazooka in your pants. In case there is any doubt the TSA would like all airports to operate this way, they are calling it a “Checkpoint of the Future.”

The IndyStar reports the “TSA will be looking for people who aren’t calm.” A stranger having a quick look at your genitals. Who wouldn’t be calm?

Of course, you can opt for a good old fashioned pat-down if prefer. (And who doesn’t?) The naked machine isn’t mandatory…yet. So calm down. OR ELSE.