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The Daily Show Takes on Bush's Torture Team

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April 17, 2008

Tuesday night’s Daily Show did a great riff on the news about the Bush administration’s high-level torture team, which authorized unlawful methods of interrogation against detainees in U.S. custody overseas:


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That “lawyer-created space,” courtesy of John Yoo and his now-infamous torture memo that was released as a result of an ACLU lawsuit, continues to reverberate on the blogs. Amidst the complaining about the lack of substance in last night’s democratic presidential debate, a few bloggers wondered why ABC-which broke the story in the first place-didn’t ask the candidates their views on the President’s torture team. We’re curious too, considering the great response we’ve gotten to our petition with Crooks and Liars. The public clearly wants Bush & Co. held accountable, and is looking for some answers from our possible future presidents.

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