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Day of Action to Restore Law & Justice

Gabe Rottman,
Legislative Counsel,
ACLU Washington Legislative Office
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June 25, 2007

Friends—my apologies for not being more productive on findhabeas, but I’ve been struggling to get through the excellent Gellman/Becker Cheney expose in the Post, which I plan to write about at length today. It really teases out the ideological strain of executive supremacy that’s informed so much of what the Bush administration (and Cheney, as a double-duty vice president, quasi-chief-of-staff) has done vis-a-vis detention policies post-9/11.Before I get to that, however, several reminders are in order (kind of like the announcements before the rabbi gives the Saturday speech at temple).First, tomorrow is the first-ever Day of Action to Restore Law & Justice. The full agenda is here; please sign up to attend, and bring friends.Second, I plan to be live-blogging the event all day, so I’ll have on the spot interviews with the rally speakers, and, hopefully, with some of you all. I’ll also have a video crew at my disposal, so we’ll be posting video blog entries all day. Should be fun—Charlie Palmer’s on me after the rally (I’m SO kidding).Third, House Subcommittee on the Constitution hearing tomorrow on Gitmo and habeas.

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