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Dear Attorney General Mukasey...

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February 6, 2008

The ACLU would like to draw your attention to the results of a new national poll, conducted by the Mellman Group, on the destruction of the CIA torture tapes. The poll found:

  • 61 percent of American polled believe an independent prosecutor, not the Justice Department, should conduct the investigation into the destruction of the CIA torture tapes
  • 63 percent of Americans polled believe there should be an investigation into whether high-level White House or Justice Department officials illegally ordered or authorized the CIA to waterboard prisoners. (Yesterday, CIA chief Michael Hayden admitted to waterboarding three prisoners.)
  • 66 percent of Americans polled agree that if President Bush, Vice President Cheney or any other White House official gave the order to destroy the tapes either directly or through one of their subordinates, it would warrant a criminal investigation

Sir, it’s clear that a majority of Americans would like you to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate these matters. We hope you will consider this as you take the next steps in moving this investigation forward.

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