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End Military Commissions

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February 12, 2008

In response to the Pentagon’s announcement yesterday that it will try six Guantanamo detainees with 9/11 crimes, ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero writes in HuffingtonPost about the ongoing disgrace to the United States that is the military commission system:

As an observer of the first military commission proceedings in 2004, I can testify to this system’s ignominious shortcomings.

Among other failings, the military commissions permit the admission of coerced evidence that may have been obtained through practices condemned throughout the world as torture, including the abhorrent practice of waterboarding. Indeed, CIA Director Michael Hayden confirmed last week that one of the men who will be tried, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, was waterboarded by CIA agents during his interrogations. Coerced evidence and “confessions” obtained through torture are hardly credible.

Anthony blogged his observations of the military commission proceedings back in 2004. National Security Project Staff Attorney Hina Shamsi just returned from Guantanamo a few days ago; you can read her observations on our DailyKos Diary.

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