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FISA Debate III - Cloture's Coming...

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June 25, 2008

Wyden’s on the floor. God love ‘im. Says the president’s wiretapping program was built on “legal quicksand.” Coming from one of the very few people who have actually seen the Office of Legal Opinion memos, that’s quite a statement. He also says the administration “overreached and had fallen short.” Nice wordplay, sir!

Dodd is reminding everyone that this vote will go down in history. I’m not sure his colleagues can hear that enough. Now he’s talking about the amendment Feingold and he will offer to strip immunity. That man’s got immunity in his teeth and he’s not letting go.

Rockefeller’s accepting his Emmy – I mean talking about brokering the deal and thanking everyone involved. Says he’s “aghast at what they could do.” Yeah, Jay. Me, too. I wish the band would play him off.

Dodd’s back. Mostly banking bill stuff. Not so much an ACLU issue but an important one.

Now they’re waiting on a quorum call. Cloture should breeze by around 7pm.

Trivia: Today is George Orwell‘s birthday. Coincidence? (Hat-tip to Ms. Katy Nelson.)