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Gotta Love Long Island

Gabe Rottman,
Legislative Counsel,
ACLU Washington Legislative Office
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May 14, 2007

Newsday has this excellent editorial. Here’s the pullout:

So, what to do with the detainees? According to the Pentagon, 395 of the 775 people jailed at Guantanamo since 2002 have already been released or delivered to other governments. Most were sent home. Of the remaining 380 detainees, military officials said no more than 80 will stand trial, including 15 who were transferred from secret CIA prisons abroad.Those trials should not be at Guantanamo. After five years of abuse, secrecy, contempt for the rule of law and, in the case of CIA prisoners, persistent allegations of torture, trials at Guantanamo would have no credibility. Those detainees should be moved to military lockups in the United States and tried before military commissions, under rules that respect due-process traditions with appropriate allowances for the difficulty of collecting evidence in such cases.

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