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Habeas Sighting: California

Gabe Rottman,
Legislative Counsel,
ACLU Washington Legislative Office
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May 1, 2007

It appears that Habeas has been spotted in California! Here is the latest dispatch, sent to us by e-mail:

You know, I don’t always like my neighbors. I know what the commandment is, to love them as myself, but sometimes people are just hard to get along with.However … one night, my neighbor was playing her music too loud. So loud in fact, that I called the police desk to ask if anyone was free to come on over and help me get through to her to turn it down a notch … or four. So, someone came out, and next thing I knew they were breaking her door down. I was alarmed! I looked out my front door and saw her standing there in handcuffs! I went back inside, shaken to my core. How could my neighbor be arrested for having her music too loud? There was nothing else I knew of that she had done “wrong” … it’s not illegal to have extremely loud music, it’s just a nuisance.Well, a few days later, I saw her walking toward her place and I swear, there was this tall greenish looking man walking being her. I thought to myself “Is that the Habeas?”. She was free, after all, and able to go back home. Later I found out there were other circumstances, too private to mention here in good taste, but the greenish tall guy? That day, he walked her all the way to her door and saw her safely back home again. It had to be Habeas. I’m certain of it now. He’s the sort that straightens out misunderstandings and takes care of mistakes so people who aren’t guilty of crimes aren’t kept in jail. It had to be him.I may not care much for her or her loud music or her lifestyle, but I was very relieved to see her back so soon, and certain that Habeas had everything to do with that.-S.C., California

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