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Habeas Sightings: Bethesda, MD

Gabe Rottman,
Legislative Counsel,
ACLU Washington Legislative Office
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April 25, 2007

We are getting more and more reports of Habeas sightings every day, some from California, some from the plains states and some from New York. If the reports are true, we need to face the possibility that Habeas has abilities we don’t yet understand. No one could be in so many places so distant from each other in so short a time – could they? He’s spotted in dark alleys, in corners at popular restaurants and in places of a kinds. But nothing beats a report that came from the owner of a pet shop on Elm Street in Bethesda, Maryland this morning:

“It was a day just like any other. I was opened the store at 10am and was doing my rounds to make sure the animals had enough food for the day. The hermit crabs anxious somehow (it’s hard to explain), but nothing else was out of the ordinary. After a few minutes bonding with the guinea pigs, I went up front to adjust the “Adopt Me” sign near the puppies.When I turned around, I nearly dropped all my chew toys, because there was this small green, man no more than four feet tall, standing on the sidewalk pressed up against the window. I was frightened at first. It’s not every day that you get visited by a walking lima bean, or cupie doll, or I don’t know what. But I couldn’t turn my eyes away, and I saw he was holding up a hand-lettered sign and pointing to it. It said “Who’ll Adopt Me??”I would have tried to help him. But just as fast as he had appeared, he was gone. And minute later a police car rolled by – maybe it was just a coincidence. I only saw Habeas for an instant, but I’m used to seeing strays and I have to tell you, he had the saddest eyes I have ever seen.”

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