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Habeas Sightings: Detroit, MI

Gabe Rottman,
Legislative Counsel,
ACLU Washington Legislative Office
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May 11, 2007

After the Tigers/Orioles game this week at Comerica Park, a family of Tigers fans wrote into a sports talk show with this account. Our thanks to the staff there who forwarded the message to us!

It was the perfect evening for a ball game. The stands were full, the sky was clear and the Tigers were rocking the house. The innings flew by like they always do when we’re winning. Our son Shin had sent a “GO TIGERS!!!” text message to the Jumbotron screen, so all five of us were watching closely to see if his message would show up. But at the top of the 7th, we saw a message in all-caps that just said “HELP FIND ME AND RESTORE OUR RIGHTS! I LUV BASEBALL! H.C.”It wasn’t your usual marriage proposal or fan shout-out, so everyone kind of looked around the stadium. Then the Tigers camera showed an empty section of the upper decks, where there was this little green man sitting all by himself eating popcorn.Then he noticed he was on the screen … and at first he gave this huge smile. Everybody cheered. Not everyone knew who he was, but something about him just gave us all a good feeling, some kind of inspiration that we couldn’t completely define.Then suddenly, it was like he realized we were all watching. He looked around in a kind of a panic, then he jumped up and hurried away. The camera swished around looking for him, but he was gone.The kids were a little disappointed, but in a few minutes everyone got back to the game. And on the drive home we told the kids a little about Habeas and how important he is to how America works. Katy asked if he was as important as baseball. We told her yes!– Eric and Ellen Liu, Ann Arbor, MI

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