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Habeas Sightings: Nantucket Island, MA

Gabe Rottman,
Legislative Counsel,
ACLU Washington Legislative Office
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June 14, 2007

We have just received the following sighting from Nantucket Island, from a painter named Zach Mayberry:

I came up to Nantucket for the summer before my first real gallery show this fall.Last week I was painting the dunes near Tom Nevers Head. I wasn’t really concentrating on what was coming out. The first pass is often more of an impression-piece. I like to get the feel of the place first.When I got home I put the canvas away, to give the work some space before I come back, build on it, make adjustments.It wasn’t until this morning that I pulled the piece out for a fresh look and you’ll never guess what I saw there amid the drifting dunes and rolls of the sea behind them. There was a splash of wild bright green that could only be Habeas Corpus! Maybe he came to that side of the island looking for some peace and quiet. He was a little blurry, my work is often more emotion than shape—but you can definitely make him out.I know, it’s strange for me too! But I won’t be painting it over, and I may even do a few more just about him. Maybe I’ll call this first piece “The Omnipresent H.C.”

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