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Habeas Sightings: Orlando, Florida

Gabe Rottman,
Legislative Counsel,
ACLU Washington Legislative Office
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April 30, 2007

From a hotel at Walt Disney World, 7-year-old Jayde sent us this email about Habeas. He’s in so many places, it really does seem to be a small world:

From: JaydeTo: aclu@aclu.orgSent: Thu Apr 26 15:18:27 2007Subject: I saw Habeas!!!Hi,My mom and I are on vacation at Disneyworld because we have Spring Break. My little brother Chris is here too, which is okay.We rode inside Space Mountain, which was okay but it was scary too but mostly fun! And when we were coming outside we saw Mister Habeas Corpus!At first I thought he was Shrek, so I ran over to get his autograph. Chris came too, but I ran faster. He’s only 5. I’m 7!!!Then when we got closer we saw it was not Shrek. Not even a little. He was much smaller and greener. But I still wanted his autograph because he was cute and little and looked a little sad and also because I like autographs. My book has 14 autographs!!! My favorites are Hilary Duff and Corbin Bleu!!!I asked Habeas if I could have his autograph and he said yes. He was so nice, he signed my book and wrote “With hope for the future, Habeas Corpus.”Later, my mom told me that habeas corpus is a really important part of our Constitution and also of “due process” (that made Chris laugh, but I told him it was serious).Mom said that Habeas has been missing since October. I know I would be really upset if I couldn’t go home so I wanted to let you know that I saw him and I hope we can bring him home soon. He was even cooler than Shrek and we should bring him back so everyone will know that!!! Thanks!!!xoxoxo,Jayde

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